[Saturday, July 26, 2003]

Medicamp 2003!

Back from medicamp 2003! It was great fun, much better than expected...was impressed by the amount of effort put in by the seniors to come up with such a well thought out camp and make it interesting. There was stuff like games (usual kind of stuff for camps) campfire, fright night, skits, dancing, cheering, a visit to sentosa, secret pal letter writing, etc.. (not much to etc, think tt's abt it but in case I missed anything)

To be honest at first I didn't think it would turn out well cos I heard abt the campsite and thought it would be a waste of the remaining precious time left before sch starts. On the first day I pretty much felt even more so...my Orientation Group Maedhros (all the group names sounded like Elvish at first, until an OGL mentioned tt they were just anagrams of the OGLs' names..^_^") couldn't make it in the beginning cos we lacked spirit - cheers no standard, games no standard, communication no standard, ideas no standard...only the OGLs were good, being enthu and all abt things. But I think we got better lah =) Like wine, needed time to achieve potency ^_^

By the 2nd day things were better...it was a whole day of fun and games (and we weren't losing so much anymore) plus the team spirit got better once we got to know each other in the group. Fright Night was cool - the seniors really put in alot of effort into it to make things look realistic and maintain the atmosphere. It was so realistic that the police came to investigate cos passerbys in Sembawang park thought they saw some "things"... =P But it wasn't really scary since we knew what's going on beforehand already; only the tunnel where you can't see anything was quite steady...fear of the unseen is greater than fear of what you can see after all. Maybe next year shouldn't tell M1s there's a Fright Night planned or make the stations all dark until the hapless soul gets really really close in then...muahahahahaha ;>

3rd day Sentosa was fun, and my OG had more chance to survive the games since they weren't competitive anymore... ^_^" Campfire was cool too, where we watched all the skits the OGs came up with...haha why must cross-dressing/sexual humour always be so prominent? Not that it's not funny but wondering...someone suggest reasons leh. Then we had a Mr/Ms Medicamp pageant which I think was skewed...seems as though they won more cos they danced well than due to any real charisma/uniqueness. The candidates who did cooler stuff/looked and acted more with style didn't win, e.g. my OG's Ivan who picked up the female host and ran around the campfire when she asked him what was the most rebellious thing he had ever done...cool dude man... Choice is a hard thing...why did the winners win? Dun ask me, I'm not a judge, ask the judges...I'm sure they had reasons for their choices as I would have if I were to judge. After that we had a reading out of the mushiest secret pal letters we were supposed to write and revealing of SPs (I was Superman writing to Lois Lane) and my letter got chosen for one of the 3 mushiest letters ^_^" (which all came from my group) Wonder why they chose mine...the other 2 letters by my OG mates were much better, more erudite and focused, unlike my rojak 1/3 chinese 2/3 english letter. They were steady...one an english poet, one a chinese poet... @_@ Had to read the letter out in front of the whole camp to _____ (my SP) So paiseh...haha but nvm la if I wrote it I should have to account for it... (credits to CSQ for the opening line abt a glass of Coke) Tho if have to read it out should at least do a good job of it...kinda regret my lousy public performance cos was too nervous to read it out properly at that time. =p Somehow at these moments I always end up cocking up...need more confidence man. Coincidentally my SP was my friend...! ^_^" (Sorry _____, if you were embarrassed by the reading...) Why didn't any letters written by girls win? Haha...guess girls don't want to write such stuff even tho they're supposed to be more romantic and mushier. Why? Beats me...

Didn't sleep for the rest of the night, played more captain's ball/cards until it was 6 plus when a group of us went to the beach to watch the sunrise...fell aslp tho after I sat down on the bench... -___- The sky was streaked with light by the time I woke up. Nm, at least I woke to a beautiful morning where the sky and sea met :) We broke camp early yesterday morning and bid farewell to Medicamp 2003... went home and slept from 11 am to 7 pm :p


OG - great group of guys and girls...too bad haven't gotten to know them better in the last few days. (tho act know alot of them from b4 camp) Not say cannot click with them, but as usual I don't open up until I get to know pple better...those who think I'm quiet and have nothing to say have got another thing coming ;) Feel paiseh that as always I don't open my mouth and suggest ideas...should have contributed what I thought of and tried to help make our group's productions better and our time happier. They're really a cool bunch of pple...if have chance hope to get to know them better once sch starts =)

OGLs - I salute them...they were the ones who kept the group together esp in the beginning and gave us tips, ideas, and guided us along the way for both the camp and abt Medicine. They were the enthusiastic ones at first, not us...without their friendliness, liveliness and encouragement the camp wouldn't have been fun, nor could our group have made it...

Medsoc in general - Steady! Well organised, impressive...astounding amount of effort put in to make it all fun for the M1s and to provide a cool and imaginative camp... (their skit was esp good) well done. :)

Food - Subsisted for 3 days until the 3rd day, ate BK Mushroom Swiss :> at Sentosa and had a buffet style dinner (act more like SAF style...food was distributed in the same way ^_^") back at camp

Damn, I'm severely sunburnt again...

Was surprised to see _______ at the camp...thought she applied for science instead. Thought I had forgotten her face already but recognised her straightaway in the crowd...damn.

Off to bed now for a nap...still sleepy, still have CT outing later...


jiat: haha...sleep is good...not much time left to sleep tho, sch's starting

plhu: I live in a condo mah...the jacuzzi pool's circular...just sit at the side facing the west and u can watch the sunset :) though can't see it go all the way down, only mostly...


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[Saturday, July 19, 2003]

Things I've done lately:

1) Slack
2) Practise harmoc (still need a lot of practice)
3) More idiotic driving theory lessons/evaluation test
4) Play bball (still need even more practice)
5) Swim (mostly watching the sunset while sitting in the jacuzzi)
6) Watch .Hack//Sign (Can't really make it, but music for this series is great)
7) Feel nostalgic...ended up playing some old games in my com. Can't connect to Twilight LPMUD anymore... :( haven't logged on in 3 yrs...surprised it was still around :o
8) Chatted with some pple I haven't talked to in a long time online
9) Finish Crossroads of Twilight (left since BMT)
10) Sleep (no matter what time I wake up I'll still feel sleepy until at least 12 pm ^_^")


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[Wednesday, July 16, 2003]

Played harmoc today for the first time in ages...cleaned off some tarnish that had accumulated after these few months. Have lost touch with what was once my favourite instrument... Just as well anyway, can work on the blowing-from-the-side-of-your-mouth technique Mr. Ho told us abt, but which I never really practised b4... ^_^ it's tough, like learning the instrument from scratch all over again...could barely manage a proper simple song by the end of 2 hrs of practice... nm, will try again tmr... had fun playing along with the Fajar sec sch band while they practised a few hundred metres away downstairs ^_^ can't even rem the titles to alot of the songs...all I know is that they sound familiar...heh miss playing in a musical group too much, I guess.


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[Tuesday, July 15, 2003]

Just realised my "Get fit" aim has been set at 100% for the past few days...ultra paiseh...should be around 10% instead ^_^"


Went to watch the central judging for SYF 2003 for string and harmonica today at NY auditorium :) Harmoc performances were first in the afternoon (Sec sch string in the morning) followed by the JC string performances. Was pretty impressed at the standard Hwachong was able to produce despite having no prior experience at SYF...for what it's worth I think they did themselves proud :> :> Even though VJ was the clear show stealer...good rhythm, togetherness, nearly without error and most imptly no scores! For a harmoc band (cos the majority of all JC harmoc band players have no musical background) to do that is pretty eyebrow-raising. (Unfortunately [for harmoc]) The following string performances were of a diff class altogether... as much as I love harmoc, must admit that the standard of playing produced by harmonica bands cannot be compared to that of the string ensembles. ^_^ All the ensembles played well, esp RJ and HC...quite impressed by the pizzicato produced by RJ. Compare that to HC's pizzicato polka tt we used to play...basically cannot compare :P Still, HC was excellent too :) Had the largest ensemble present...they certainly have a lot more members than we did for the last SYF. Big recruitment efforts paid off I suppose. ^_^ It ended at around 330, and the results were announced after a short break... Haha the reason why it's "unfortunate" for harmoc tt string performances were directly after the harmonica performances is tt the judges seemed biased, based on their appreciation of the higher standard of the string performances. ALL the schools got silver, even VJ. What then, is the meaning of giving them all silver? Might as well give all golds no? Judging harmoc performances in comparison with string ones resembles comparing judo to karate and giving one higher marks cos it looks more impressive. Then they announced the string results - RJ, HC, and AC all got gold :> Pretty relieved that the juniors have maintained the sch reputation and proud of them for doing so well too...brings back memories :P wish I could take part in string SYF again...but then that would mean I'd be a retainee -_____-" Unless I conduct... @_@ (Yeah right...) Glad that TCHS string got gold too...after 2 SYFs without gold we finally got it back =) =) Of course it's not as significant considering 6 out of 8 secondary schools got gold...but still, gold :)

Personally I think the judging standard is pretty screwed...they dun seem to be judging the relative standards of the performing groups against each other rather than judging them against some internal benchmark they set on their own...Yes I agree if no groups are particularly good there shouldn't be any golds, or if all the groups are good more of them should deserve golds, but I think it's more impt to place more emphasis on judging their relative standards at the same time. A gold would be pretty meaningless if everyone had one, wouldn't it?


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[Saturday, July 12, 2003]

2 quizzes I took off Pei Lin's blog...kinda funny results ^_^

You are Rand.... You are well doing very stupid things...Slightly Crazy and are known for doing very stupid and idiotic things, though it is in your best intrest. Sadly enough you are very%
You are Rand form the Wheel of Time Series by
Robert Jordan! You are well...Slightly crazy
and are known for doing very stupid and idiotic
things though its in your best intrest. You
quite sadly are very strong and a good friend.

What Main Fantasy Book character are you?
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The noble warrior
The noble warrior.
You intend to protect the world from the evil that
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What fantasy stereotype are you?
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[Friday, July 11, 2003]

Watching the feature about Ladan and Laleh on ch 8 now... even though I dun pray or anything, my thoughts go out to them, wherever they are. Always had this optimistic thought that everything will be fine and the operation will turn out to be a success...thought the same abt the Nepalese twins last time too. Was kinda shocked tt it ended up the way it did. Despite everyone just hoping for things to have a happy ending, it just doesn't happen sometimes.

Now some pple are defending the medical team, others flaming them. Wonder what I would do if I were in their place...accept the burden or decline? I dunno...haha kinda glad I'm not, cos I'd probably be optimistic anyway and accept, even with nowhere near the expertise of any of the experienced personnel of the team, with even less chance of success... ^_^"

I stand on the medical team's side, however...I'm supportive of their willingness to try and help the twins when no one else in the world would. Of course, some pple may point out it was partly a bid for glory if it had succeeded. Perhaps...perhaps not, it's too easy to point fingers or talk abt standing behind them with hindsight, actually. The ones I despise in this situation are the media...as usual generating extra revenue and ratings by playing on the sympathy buck and having a field day by capitalising on the post-operation hype. Empathising with their situation is one thing, but the usual media stunts are as always, deplorable.


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I'm back... haven't felt much like blogging this week, so this will be my first entry in days... Wasn't able to break free of the pull of Warcraft, so have still been spending alot of time playing ^_^" Had fun playing basketball with Biyong and Daniel on Monday after they collected their A level certs from the sch office and got sunburn, as usual...hwachong/tchs was devoid of its normal bustle thanks to Youth Day. then went to Coro for lunch, and then to PS to try to catch a movie. Either it was a bad day to choose, or a bad choice of location, but everything was sold out until 5 pm... -__- went to play LAN instead. We gave up after 1.5 hrs cos it's pretty pointless playing when there are too few pple, cos u just end up playing with the comp... (got discount thanks to Daniel's 11B... :> cos the shop was celebrating SAF Day [I'm not going to complain if they want to]) Watched Love Hina Again, finished Mastering Psychology, and played Warcraft on Tuesday. Watched Vision of Escaflowne, and played Warcraft on Wednesday. Went to NUS for medical check up early yesterday morning...passed! Whew...had this small recurring fear that I might ironically fail this last hurdle after getting into Medicine and be kicked out... ^_^"" Passed, at least if nothing is wrong with the chest X-ray... Met Junpei, and we met this girl from dentistry named *drum roll*..............Peijun :p ...hmm talk abt small coincidences... then went down to Borders for the rest of the day, took over an armchair and read until dinner time. Why didn't I buy anything? Haha cos I'm poor, can finish a book or two in time anyway, won't buy a book unless I really like it, and if I bought all the books I want to, my house won't be enough to store them... :p So I need to buy my own island and store all the books I want there... :D Heh slept late again last night...at 4...finishing up Vision of Escaflowne. For those who dunno what I'm talking abt it's an anime series (so is Love Hina Again) and it's damn good...great plot, intricate, moving and gets u thinking about fate/destiny...not a super happy ending...but the good guys won in the end :) the characters are endearing and believable, not like the one-dimensional characters in some other animes...good art, even more so since it's a 1996 show...heh can only complain that the main characters all seem to have pointy noses :P the music is excellent too...good mix of orchestral, choral, and pop-style music that all sounds nice...heh keep imagining being able to play the string pieces with HC string ^_^ Recommend it to everyone, esp anime-philes like law and plhu... :)

Think I shouldn't have bought Frozen Throne...yeah it may be a great game but it's occupying too much of my time...spending too much time playing as it is...not doing the things I should be instead of playing all day. My parents aren't happy, I'm not happy (when I finish playing... :p) heh at least once sch starts I won't have time to play anymore. :D


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[Saturday, July 05, 2003]

Went for theory lessons at BBDC today. Learnt nothing not to be found in the wonderful booklet (which you have to pay for), paid for useless lessons, and spent 4+ hours out of 657450 hours of my life (conceivable figure) attempting to avoid the instructor's eye while reading Mastering Psychology...^_^" (unsuccessfully) i.e. it was something that was useless, but not free.

Slept for 2 hours today, saved money on electricity, regained energy depleted over the past 3 days, but spent 2 hours out of 657450 hours... something that benefited me, but it wasn't free.

Played Warcraft over the last 3 days...I enjoyed it immensely =), but ended up drained for the past 3 days and probably the next 3 too, (always happens when I chiong comp) costing energy depletion... something that I liked doing, but it wasn't free.

Went on a night sightseeing car tour with my parents to Upper Seletar Reservoir and saw several cars with newspapers/aluminium foil/whatever opaque stuff covering the windows parked in dark parking lots. One even had the lights on and a hand scrabbling at the window, like in a horror movie... -_-" Maybe they think it's cheaper than a hotel room, or more convenient to avoid the eyes of pple/their families, or more fun... whatever the reason, it's not free.

Was talking to Ed Chong, talked about catching the Twins' Effect. Conclusion: Charlene Choi and Gillian Chung may be cute, but it's not worth paying $8.50 on a Sunday to watch them. Even if you d/l the show...it's not free. You have to pay for your Internet every month, and your electricity.

Was talking to Huimin, who paid a lot for first row tickets to the Energy concert even though she doesn't really like their songs, cos Toro is cute. Well... it's not free. (duh... ^_^" well for balance had to mention another example :p)

Bottom line: NOTHING IS FREE IN THIS WORLD :> :> :> (including spending 20 minutes to blog abt this)


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Today marks the last day of my WC Warcraft induced seclusion. I thought I didn't like rock music, but I find the credits song for Frozen Throne excellent. "Storm, Earth, and Fire" (should be the title, considering how many times the shaman and the singer keeps repeating "Storm, Earth, and Fire, heed my call!" ^_^") makes an excellent finale to one of the best games this year. Ai wu ji wu ba, so something that might not have appealed to me otherwise, if apart from Warcraft, drew me in. These things happen often - when you take up something just to please your friend who insists you try it and end up liking something you wouldn't have tried on your own. Or when a guy begins to appreciate shopping cos his girlfriend is a shopaholic. I'd probably like a rock song if Jay Chou sang it... :D Anyway, I shall return to a normal life starting Saturday, and do things I've put on hold since I bought Frozen Throne.

It's quite obvious I have nothing else to blog about for today and yesterday, since the only thing I've been doing is wake, Warcraft, eat, Warcraft, eat, Warcraft, sleep, with only some interruptions to the schedule. Gdnight, in preparation for boring theory lessons at BBDC tmr...shall not bore unappreciative ears regarding Warcraft anymore for today ;)

jiat: Haha...pink just doesn't agree with me :P

nat and rui: Is anything wrong with Warcraft? It's a fun game, go try it... ;>


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[Friday, July 04, 2003]

**Palpable tension surrounded Prince Kael'thas and Lady Vashj as they stood amongst the hastily constructed towers in defence of their only hope of freedom. The faint glow of the portal leading the Blood Elves and Naga to an unknown land lit the horizon. Unfamiliar, and perhaps holding danger - but for those desperate to escape a certain death, a chance for exodus...was enough. The next wave would come in mere minutes. Staring around at the ruins of Dalaran, Kael'thas grimly readied his weary soul. In the distance, the lambent light from the mystical portal flickered as the remnants of the Elven population entered in their straggling numbers. Too soon, a voice cried in his mind, as the gates of the Alliance encampment opened to release the next wave of attackers. Down to the last dregs of his mana reserve, he watched as the Pandaren horde surged across the broken plain outside Dalaran. Beside him, Vashj expelled a reptilian hiss. "Tell me, young prince. Have you ever looked death in the eye...and lived to tell the tale?" Laughing, she gathered her remaining energies in preparation for the carnage to come, as the furry, adorable Pandaren swarm thundered towards them.**

Celebrate! 2nd day of blogging! ^_^ I have a lack of discipline when it comes to Warcraft...(ok la, im weak...i cannot resist the temptation of WC :p) havent done anything else since yesterday afternoon besides WC - haven't studied BTT notes for driving, haven't finished the library book, haven't blogged... The only thing I did besides WC was to pack my room, and only cos I was looking for my WC CD so I could install Frozen Throne...Why the addiction to WC? I dunno...maybe it's the self-gratification when you crush your foes' bases (can't do that in real life, now), the rush of adrenaline as you race against time and resources, the fantasy setting (for me), the blend of strategic control and reaction skills (micromanagement) that you need, the immersive and balanced gameplay...lots of things. All I know for sure is that it all adds up to the mysterious allure of well-made RTS (real time strategy) games like WC that is...quite irresistable... ^_^" For me the most alluring part of WC is the rich and detailed world the game is set in - fantasy-based, intricate, and colourful. Maybe what's so fun about exploring the next bend past the hill as Rexxar, or boarding the transport ship to set off for new shores is that through it, I can vicariously live my dreams of exploring a new world and finding new sights and creatures. (yah right, maybe I'm just a control freak out to conquer the world with my legions...) For a time, all that you are is reduced to the simple world of build, explore, and win...(escapist part speaking) your Farseer isn't likely to tell you he's pissed off and wants to take a day's break from work, your farms aren't going to suffer from droughts, you don't have to clean your house, don't have to worry about paying your troops or them having to eat or drink...hey you can even come back to life with a simple click on your altar. I dunno what it is for sure...haha but to keep things simple - I know that I LOVE WARCRAFT! :>

Having just invalidated the purpose behind my whole blog entry discussion with the last sentence, I go off to explore new lands beyond the portal with the Bloody Elves, despite how blur I am and a mind screaming for sleep...


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[Wednesday, July 02, 2003]

btw, qing duo duo zhi jiao! Pls tell me any comments abt the page - pictures, music, layout, etc..it's my first attempt at making a webpage and i need feedback ^_^ Thanks!


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At last, completion. :> :> :> Haha after working on this for so long, suddenly dunno what to type...I'll start by thanking the pple who helped me on this: Thanks Rui for the Adobe Photoshop help :), Pei Lin for the comment board help :) (down with enatation, go haloscan :p) and thanks Ed Chong for the picture u uploaded to the yahoogrps a long time ago... :)

I would like to confess this is a day behind schedule...I planned to set up my blog by the 1st of July but due to several delays yesterday it was inadvertently held back ^_^ Freedom from the SAF (*insert appropriate word* organisation) feels great. One week ago I was still planning what to do for the next 2 years, never expecting disruption to be anything but a dream I could hope for. Yet I sit here one week later blogging, with my pink IC less than 2 metres away from me. The pink IC...symbol of civilian-hood and freedom. Stepping out of the Court Martial Centre on Monday was my last official connection to NS for the next 7 years. NS...I can't sincerely say I will miss being enlisted - yet I cannot deny it has taught me many things. Besides stuff like more vulgarities and how to chao keng, it has made me realise how much I miss school, even with all the tests, homework, and stress it might have. I have learnt to be more tactful, considerate, and to treasure my friends and family. Oh yes, I have learnt about the legal system of Singapore. I know that I will miss CMC. I miss opening the gates in the morning in time to catch the sun rising over Kranji Camp. I miss the quiet havens to be found all over the building(sometimes for sleeping), and the cat that makes its home in the drain outside the prosecutor's room. I miss talking over long lunches in the dining room, watching movies in the court room, playing Liero when the Chief Clerk isn't around, watching interesting cases, the Presidents of CMC (regret I haven't seen Mr. See Kee Oon in his term yet), the chio clerk from Sembawang Air Base, and most of all, the friends I have made there. Here's to Patrick("where's the girl? zai na li??"), Ben(Smoke-king), Chee Wai(Koo-niang! -_- "Now, on a more serious note..."), Mark(Qoo!-mar...), Mdm Irene, and Dave. And of course, I miss court too. I will even miss staying until 9 plus so Mr. Chong Kah Wei could finish his trial. *a little lah...* I will not forget what it means to be part of CMC. Am I more mature after half a year of NS? I do not know for sure, but I know I have learnt about life, and am ready to face its next challenges.

"Good morning sir, court is ready sir." *salute*


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testing, 1st post!


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