[Thursday, September 18, 2003]

The Blademaster-wannabe once again stepped upon the now familiar path that would take him to the distant haven of SRC, weaving through the placid NUS countryside on a cool Thursday afternoon. Reflecting upon his doings for the past quarter-moon while being blasted by waves of hot air from the passing of Four-wheeled-metal-boxes, he realised a singular, rather obvious fact - his ruminations upon the mystic "Blogspot" oftttimes fail to coalesce into an appreciable form for several reasons...inactivity, activity, or confidentiality. Inactivity, expressly the sheer lack of constructive activity, excluding the insidious lure of the Computer World...candidly, nothing to be noted. Activity, or otherwise, life's myriad concerns, preventing the Blademaster-wannabe from cohesive thought to be recorded. And too, confidentiality...for the many things in life that should best remain secrets. Pondering this as he skirted the ridge bordering the Soccer Plains, he noted in passing the diminishing of the giant mounds, restoring the Plains to a more pristine state. (not everything under "Inactivity/nothing of note" avoids the censor-wannabe's blade... ^_^) Passing the sparsely populated Basketball and Tennis courts, the few remaining pools of water agleam in the lambent afternoon sun, he came at last to SRC MPSH 2, an enigmatic name for an enigmatic place. Here, was where a wannabe Blademaster might, perhaps, become a Blademaster.


I would go on, but too tired... ^_^

summarising, things of note in the past few days:

Too much slacking
Too much computer playing
Began to learn driving

reason didn't blog for the past few days:

reason didn't blog abt MAF:


kai lin: thanks...you probably won't read this in time, but good luck for the remaining papers anyway! ^_^ Jia you...prelims will be over in no time, then the As, and next you get to slack for 6, 7 mths before medicine... ;) hmm keep in touch with the rest...dun lose track of ur frens even tho u're mugging yup?

YiQ: np man...welcome! thanks for the viola

jiat: change...this wk im slacking at home :p

KT: tll server? reasons not to update more often see above :P past few days mostly...well...inactivity...


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[Sunday, September 14, 2003]

In the vein of today's entry, from my friend :)

Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at an Elingsh uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoetnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer is at the rghit pclae. The rset can be a toatl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae we do not raed ervey lteter by it slef but the wrod as a wlohe.

sho it doeshnt marter if mai spallying ish hurrahndous, huh...anyway too blur now to spell properly ^_^ going to zzz...will blog abt maf tmr...just wanted to reply to the comments:

KT: thanks =) didn't know u read also...

kai lin: hello... haha we dun post on it very often as u can tell la ^_^ just use it and the yahoogrps to keep in touch. which batch are you from?

cute girl: sigh... *runs after n-de with a parang*


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[Saturday, September 13, 2003]

Me: Hi
eN!L: me says hi to all visitors to joseph's blog.. grin.. this is my first experience bloggig, and i kant spal. i thunk dat eye shult not blag anymah.
rags - nde and his kok spallings, spals verse dan mi
Me: Eh skru hour spalling, i tink vee mag 2 much alleady (if vee vere magging in de farst place...)
eN!L: ok lah enuff of this atrocious spelling.. actually the three of us are at eusoff hall *trying* to study, and we're kopping rags' laptop.. though we're not succeeding too much...
rags: n aktooaly mi splings r baetre den dis but i kudnt bi baddered 2 spl praperly
Me: *beep* our spelling...ey go MAF leh. On?
eN!L: no actually i juz disrupted from SAF.. dun wanna go MAF... later pple LAF at mi...
rags: wokai mi splings geddin bedder aleadi don yue dink?
Me: ok we just engaged in reading something totally pointless and irrelevant.
rags: junqueira
eN!L: no! got point! this laptop has a pointer in front.. and
*gets palpated on the cranium by rags and joseph b4 he has a chance to go on*
the rest: KoK
rags: okok now i better get serious with my studying b4 i fail my ca
me: ok i think we should...bye


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[Thursday, September 11, 2003]

Ate at Bkt Timah Food Centre for the first time since it was renovated with my parents. Met a old friend of my mother's and her family there coincidentally. Realised the last time I ate there was after Soiree 2002, and remembered what I did after that. Then the moon came out from behind the clouds...ahh it's MAF ^_^ Everything that can possibly have room to change in life changes...different, new food centre, my mum's friend looks alot different from the last I saw of her and her family a few years ago, things are no longer as they were last year, and neither am I. Even the moon changes...an additional crater or two, perhaps a little more worse for wear; yet still as full and bright as ever. Or at least, as bright as I can discern, and that is enough for me ^_^ Happy Mid-Autumn Festival, everyone.


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Yay! Let this mark the first time i'm ever blogging in school. Why? Sheer boredom ^_^ bored as can be...unable to bring myself to mug anymore nor sleep (can't say which surprises me more), but have to wait until kendo starts. zzz...


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[Tuesday, September 09, 2003]

A solitary Blademaster-wannabe burst free of the Forbidden, Fathomless, Fenestrated Depths of the Medical Library on a tranquil Monday afternoon, filled with a ceaseless yearning to be free of the terrible ordeal of Mugging. Whither was he to go? And lo, the answer came to him while contemplating the problem over flat Indian pancakes with curry sauce at The Frontier, a taverna for the dwellers of the municipality of Science Faculty. What he needed most, was a good, long walk and some sword practice to free his mind of the terrible, insidious influence of the Medical Library which yet left its grasping claws in the recesses of his mind. And so, he set off on foot for the distant haven only known as the SRC Old Gym, where the wise Sensei would impart mystical sword techniques to bring him one step closer to achieving the status of Blademaster. Remote, the haven was, yet time was necessary to clear his mind of the cobwebs Mugging had left during its unrestrained rampage. The balmy late afternoon weather and warm sunlight invigorated him, and restored some part of the lost vitality drained away through Mugging. Musing about the true meaning of life's mysteries, his ruminations were interrupted when he caught sight of a pair of lovebirds ahead of him while ascending the path heading up the mountain ridge overlooking the expansive Soccer Plains (Which alas, were sadly disfigured by giant mounds protruding from the gentle surface of the earth, thrusting nigh as high as the top of the ridge). Calling upon his wannabe-Blademaster powers of Windwalking, he attempted to sneak past them invisibly so as not to call attention to oneself and illuminate the ridge with light through lightbulbish behaviour, but it was not to be. Having been spotted by the lovers even through their devoted, absorbed haze in one another, he was left with little choice but to take the path inexorably heading towards them and illumine the ridge through his slow transformation to a giant lightbulb. Exchanging courtesies with the tender lovers, he was quickly on his way again, slowly transforming back to a Blademaster-wannabe from his lightbulb form as he wondered about the quandaries of modern love, life's mysteries forgotten. And in no time at all, he reached the promised haven - SRC Old Gym filled with fellow Blademaster-wannabes, having travelled through an astonishing landscape filled with Tennis Courts, Basketball Courts, and the strangest of all, a Swimming Pool. And he smiled. :)


Spirit, Sword, and Body as one...too often had achieving this sublime state of perfection eluded him, yet tonight, it came to him, in brief glimpses of epiphany, through the teachings of wise Kato-Sensei. Will and Sword together, allowing him to deliver near-Critical Strikes, sure and true. One step closer to becoming a Blademaster, one step closer to becoming a Doctor through the ordeal of Mugging. And he smiled again. ^_^


eN!L: heh. must mug less...and play liero more ;)

cute girl: no i'm not anonymous...I have a name...it's at the top of the left column under "Alias"...see? ^_~


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[Wednesday, September 03, 2003]

Time to talk crap. :P CA on saturday but just can't bring myself to study. For once in the past 3.5 wks, just can't bring myself to mug even tho I know i should ^_^" Saturated? Nah not yet...just taking a breather :p

Recent stuff:

the first HC 4Ocean to leave Singapore left on Monday. Had a farewell lunch for him on Sunday, ate at a restaurant deep in foreign ground (SMU) Not too good, but wasn't too bad for a $15 buffet :) Talking cock for the last time was better...last time we were able to talk cock together as 4O until the distant future. (if ever) Sth CSQ said as we left him at Serene Centre Mac talking to his jc ex-classmate struck me: "This is probably the last time we'll see him. You think he'll come back meh?" Unfortunately, tt might just come true; what makes me think he'll come back? Will miss the times together, talking cock and playing cards in TCHS n HC. To be honest, was never really very close to him; diff character, interests, personality. Abt the only significant thing in common is that we're both from 4O; that, I suppose, is enough... even though none of us showed any overt emotion or did anything special such as giving him some farewell gift (hey the only thing we did was take photos at Botanic Gardens), I'm sure all of us will remember him for the friend he is (or was? only time will tell...hopefully won't become past tense) and remember him in our hearts. Wish him well for Cambridge, whether he ends up becoming a bioterrorist or Colombian drug lord or not...if they dun expel him in less than a year for growing poppy on the lawns or barbecueing swans :)

On another note, not many more 4Oceans will be leaving Singapore. Dunno why so few 4O pple got scholarships to go overseas...or even bothered to apply for them -___-" certainly not cos they're not smart enough to get them...why? 4Oism of the day: Dun ask me, ask Ilango... (been using alot lately) Maybe some of the products of overseas education e.g. Ilango turned us off getting an overseas education ;)

On to a happier example of the progress of time - joined kendo - the only CCA I'm going to actively join, apart from doing CIP here and there if possible. No more harmoc or string (passed the audition, thanks Yiquan for the viola), mainly due to the lack of time, despite missing preparing, organising, and playing for concerts badly. Time is a precious commodity in medicine..you mug and mug for hours after hours, then stop to wonder why you're mugging. Then you mug some more :)

Kendo - The Way of the Sword

The concept of Kendo is to discipline the human character through the application of the principles of the Katana.

The purpose of practicing Kendo is:

To mold the mind and body,
To cultivate a vigorous spirit,
And through correct and rigid training,
To strive for Improvement in the art of Kendo;
To hold in esteem human courtesy and honor,
To associate with others with sincerity,
And to forever pursue the cultivation of oneself.
Thus will one be able to love his country and society,
To contribue to the development of culture,
And to promote peace and prosperity among all people.

Strikes a chord...my favourite definition among all those I could find :) Heh maybe I've been watching too much anime... ^_^ Had a dream abt being a blademaster (from WC) and delivering 999 dmg Critical Attacks on every hit with a shinai on monday night... ^_^" Shall get accustomed to swinging a shinai correctly first ;p

Until then, I should go focus on my books and hope to do Critical Attacks to the questions on Saturday...

Jiat: haha...yeah heard it today from prof voon...one of the best lecturers to grace M1 this year =) no not kill off la :p

alvinny: must spread the knowledge of the wise ma ;p

nat: err ^_^"

rui: only a week of nothingness this time ^_^ I'm improving... :p

eN!L: slowly adjusting...getting back on rhythm ^_^ liero or otherwise... ;)

no updates for left column yet...will get to it soon for the next blog! (hopefully on sat after CA)


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