[Friday, October 17, 2003]

Interesting file from the kendo yahoo grps... Myers-Briggs Test

Try it out...now you can take the MBTI Test for free instead of having to pay! ;) (Well it's not as comprehensive, at least... :p) Took it back in sec 3 in TCHS and got INTJ...was curious if I still am one - I am...according to the test, and the tests on the websites under the "results" tab in the excel file... Had fun reading abt the type descriptors...things that are true, possibly true, and dun seem to be true ^_^ For those who haven't taken it before, go try it out to possibly find out more abt yourself; for those who have...take it again to see if you've changed ;) Everyone, tell me what you get when you've done it, yar?

One thing tt isn't true most of the time: INTJs are supposed to be pretty work oriented, putting work more often than not before play. Me? I'm going to take a nap now first, then talk abt work... ^_^



cute girl: oops :P Thanks...there it's done! Haha congrats on passing ur FTT :) Now you're eligible to take ur test... ^_^ you should go take it... *half-evil grin*


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[Thursday, October 16, 2003]

Would really like to thank everyone for the well-wishes and gifts...really touched. :) Well even the bday song in the LT... o____O" Spoke to a few pple I haven't spoken to in a long time otherwise :P Drove for the first time on the roads and broke my personal speed limit...and lived to tell the tale ^_~ Thanks to the pple who made my 19th bday an enjoyable and memorable one! Really appreciate you guys n girls... :)

One year older...somehow time seems to have flown by, and it barely seems like a few mths ago tt it was 15-10-2002. Not that the past year has been lacking or forgetten, but thinking back, the feel of time seems to have accelerated...mugging for As, the As, an all too brief holiday break, BMT, Court Martial life, then the miracle of disruption and the 1 mth break, and now medical sch... Haha almost strange tt 1 year can be macroscopically broken down into these few segments tt seem brief, yet contain so much. Yet nonetheless, I am grateful for all the experiences, knowledge I've learnt, and pple I've met this past year. Am I older? Yes... (Duh :p) Am I wiser? A little... Am I more mature? I would like to think so... ;) Doubtless, I am different from the person I was at this time last year...happier and more content in general and not as confused. For that, at least, I am thankful ^_^

With luck, I will continue to learn, grow, and become a better person this year... Definitely tough; in some ways, I must admit I do not think I have grown, or have become a better person, and in fact, have regressed, if it can be called that... one way's at least in that I'm less innocent now :P I do not know if this is an inexorable part of learning and growing up... but I do know for sure that most fortunately there's still an innocent little brat locked up inside me ^_^ May he never disappear!

In 1 min the red balloon shall disappear from my ICQ, and it will be 16-10-2003...and my bday will be over. I'm glad tt I can say tt if this day is a reflection of what the next year will be like, the next 365 days will be pretty good... =D (Well what do you know, it's 12:01 a.m. and the balloon didn't disappear... :P)

Once again thank you everyone...may I have the chance to return the favours and brighten up ur bdays :)



jiat: Aww... :P Hmm still wouldn't mind a copy of ur qtn paper tho... ;) ;) Haha just kidding. Gd luck for the test!

cute girl: Nope He BP (this one) isn't n-de... oh well not impt I suppose ^_^ Will the real He BP pls stand up? Hmm lit in pri 5? cool... :P

alvin (well unofficially): Didn't work, can't bring myself to blog abt it :P Too private ^_^"


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[Tuesday, October 14, 2003]

Failed to get PDL on sunday...didn't know they weren't open -_______-" Will have to go down again tmr just for it...*grumble* heh I'm lazy la ^_^" Nvm still can drive on the road on my bday... :D Will give luck against any...unforeseen...circumstances I hope ;) Ahh. Well anyway my bday is on wednesday ^_^ (Of course, note the self-promotion there... ^_~) Wasn't even going to blog today but I'd just like to thank the pple who sent me online cards today...chao wan, n-de, raymond, yunpeng...really perked me up after coming back tired from kendo :)



cute girl: it's tmr :P since it's tuesday already... Hmm a new book? Well either it's a new book or u just noticed the quote/just recognised where u saw it from... ^_^ I saw it online somewhere and decided to use it cos I like it...guess it just stuck with me until I just nice decided to start my blog...

jiat: AHA ^_^ Would it by chance...be mcq? ;)

"He Bei Ping": ??? Haha sorry...but I have no idea who you are or what are you talking abt also... ?_? Thanks for remembering my bday anyway... =) (At least I hope it's a good thing tt u remember...whoever you are... ^_^" [cos I dunno who u are])

qich: thanks :) sure! I'll take the liberty of linking you first k :P


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[Sunday, October 12, 2003]

Forgot to mention earlier today that I passed BTT... :> going to get PDL today...and thus my "bday present to myself" will be driving on the road for the first time! ^_^" Heh had this weird dream abt my blog being replaced by a porn site o_O"" Must have been inspired by the commercial abt coms being hacked into and your private stuff being stolen and perused by hackers on class 95 tt I've been hearing these few days...weirdest dream in quite some time :P



cute girl: Haha...tt means they must have taken at least 6-10 min to argue :P Hehe I think could try pouring milk down the nose...;p provides calcium ions ^_~

jiat: At least it turns brown and stops flowing...standard blood stains on anything usually end up like tt what :p Hmm CA4 for med's on thurs b4 deepavali too...nvm la so tt means u also have an extra long weekend after the CA what ^_^


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Woohoo! CA's over! ^_^ Life's approximating a 2-3 wk cycle nowadays...like the biochemical cycles - relax --> gear up for studying --> study --> mug and panic --> CA --> input of new stuff to study enters cycle, + relax --> gear up for studying --> etc... which plainly chafes, to be honest...

Got a nose bleed for the first time in too many years to remember exactly just now - observed blood clotting first hand on a piece of tissue paper, when ironically we missed the blood practical, and perhaps observing live blood clotting would have bestowed a moment of epiphany to provide help during the CA...which was sorely in need of help o_O" Time to turn over a new leaf and be more focused when it comes to studying...spending the hours without spending the organised effort is ptless; then perhaps I wouldn't have to spend as much time mugging, and more time doing what I want to do... (a dream?)

Enough lame references to the CA...

England just drew Turkey 0-0...no thanks to the lack of effort on Beckham's part...CMI!! Probably scared of Tugay... ^_^ Not to mention the lack of 2 prime players...



(note: sorry for late replies, I prefer to reply to comments when I finally blog :P)

eN!L: Thanks man...working on it ;)

jiat: No not going to tell you :P yeah u might say they're the stuff I'm planning to do...I stress plan... ^_^

YiQuan: Haha...come NUS play? Dun really know of a place near mine...Dun mind playing...but As should be starting ard now already rite?

nat: Haha yet to do the sunset thing...wanted to do it today but was too groggy after LAN ^_^" (wrong location to anyway)

cute girl: Sure! No prob...be my guest :)

qich: Hello! Thanks... yeah of cos I rem you. ^_^ Didn't get to play against you (death wish actually, but still) last mon...have chance must play again yar?

rayzor: Dun worry abt it...thanks...we all say the wrong things at the wrong times sometimes =) And dun keep thinking you do it very often yeah...I think it's not all as bad as you think it is for you ^_^


note: note the inherent, inexorable incoherence innately introduced in (yay 6 "in"s in a row...now if only CA MCQs were this easy) this entry...due largely to the lack of proper sleep the whole week and being distracted for 3/4 of the entry by England/Turkey ^_^

Oh yeah, also, apologies to anyone I might have irritated over the past few days especially due to crankiness over the CA... ^_^"""



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[Wednesday, October 01, 2003]

Once again, haven't blogged in a long time...missed out on blogging abt quite a no. of thing I'd wanted to. ^_^ Nvm...they'll just remain unsaid, since the moment has passed by anyway...

Oh yeah, first, happy bday to my dad... => and to China...

interesting new things since last blog, in order of recall:

Allowed to take shinais back home to practise...but w/o a covering, making carrying it ard troublesome and quite AA, since I'm hardly a swordsman but only an aspiring one ^_^" brighter note, shinai (w cover) + gi/hakama will be arriving in 3 weeks...

Took Basic Theory Test on the last day of September. If I dun post abt it in 2 wks...dun ask... O_~

Played badminton for the first time since JC (need work)

Discovered a new series: the Mistwraith series by Janny Wurts...pretty engaging :D

Blogged for the first time since my last blog ^_^


Foot-in-mouth disease

Heard today for the first time from a friend's mouth what exactly it was that I did in the past to arouse her long-standing ire. Making no bones about it, I indeed was guilty in the past of the careless behaviour I was accused of engaging in. Considering the facts, I constantly put my foot into my mouth for the better part of JC life when talking to her without realising due offence might be taken from what I said. Of obvious necessity, I need to recognise when offence might be taken by others regarding my words and not assume none will be taken simply because others might not take any offence in the same position, or because no outward rancor is shown. Response begets response, and having unknowingly blundered for so long, I quite deserved the treatment received from her... Regretfully, I am possessed of glaringly inadequate verbal facilities to provide a proper response, and knew not what to say beyond "Really ah? Sorry..." ^_^" Here, let me apologise for the irritation on my part I may have caused at any time in the past whatsoever, though apology may be no cure and scant relief... can you find it in you to magnanimously excuse, even if not forgive, the past and put it behind? If there's opportunity, I'd like you to continue your list of what's bad abt me someday...so at least I'd have opinion on what NOT to do next time :)

Zzz. Thinking abt it, there are probably at least several pple I should apologise to. ^_^" Darn hard sometimes knowing whether pple take your comments jokingly or instead take offence at them... O_O


Shall attempt a review of last month's 10 pts while I'm at it... ^_^

1) Mug hard and stay afloat in med sch

still afloat...but mug hard? AHAHAHAHAHA :P

2) Play hard and maintain a life besides mugging ^_^

well definitely played...

3) Improve at and learn more about kendo


4) Still try to be nicer and more appreciative

needs to be moved up

5) Read something besides medical textbooks

done...too much of it

6) Pack my room and organise my notes


7) Learn driving


8) Play piano/harmoc every now and then

have yet to :(

9) Sleep before 12 everyday...!


10) Watch the sunset from a beach

have yet to...

realise this month's aims are hardly changed...have yet to fulfil last month's properly ^_^"



eN!L - well...I'm still wasting time on WC now and then :)

cute girl - I've yet to study tonight ^_^ Hmm visit more! ;D


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