[Sunday, November 30, 2003]

Zzz. My first blog entry in ages...somehow it almost feels pointless to have a blog if u have only 1 previous entry to show for a whole month, does it not? I could claim it was wholly due to the tightly packed last 2 CAs with quite alot to mug but tt wouldn't be true...haven't felt much like blogging anyway for november; apart from the fact that spending most of my time mugging isn't conducive to generating stuff to blog abt, my flair for blogging just isn't really strong... I can't blog like some of my frens can, who are able to recall, and have the impetus to frequently record down what they experienced or thought about during the day. (Tt's why I don't have a diary too) Most of the time things tt I do blog abt are mentioned on the rare days tt recall, verbosity,~ and opportunity to blog coincide...kinda like only when the fengshui is good ^_~

When more than one of ur entries out of a few mths of blogging mentions missing out on blogging abt interesting things, things u can't blog abt, or tt you just don't feel like blogging, etc. something somewhere isn't right... It's kind of a loss...not to have recorded down interesting thoughts/experiences that you rather wish you had put down to a tangible record instead of being consigned, carefully stored away, and then eventually forgotten in one corner of your brain as time passes; yet...unless I were to carry around pen and paper constantly just to write abt such things it's not very possible to do that (which would feel too much like talking to myself anyway o_O") The truth is that more often than not when the opportunity presents itself, I sit in front of my comp with the inclination to blog abt some thought/experience/topic, and yet find myself at a loss of words/drive to write something...and whatever it may have been is instead gradually submerged in the depths of memory.

Sianz...I miss the little things in life that I've forgotten...

Thankfully that doesn't happen as much when it comes to talking to friends directly...most of the time, it's easier to mention interesting stuff that you DO want to mention from recall esp when your friend might be mentioning something along the same vein... still I seem to have somewhat of a problem with expression of this kind...which needs to be cured ^_^" I guess that's the reason why around at least half the time, when with quiet pple I tend to talk less, yet become alot more verbal as long if the pple ard me are correspondingly more verbal themselves (apologies to anyone who's also quiet whom I've kind of daoed as a result :p) Haha lucky it usually doesn't happen with pple I'm close to/have known a long time, so thank goodness for my friends, e.g. esp for the 4Oceans who are a combination of both :) (note: though most of the time thoughts that I have when no one else is around end up kept to myself anyway whoever I may talk to after that)

So what should I do...perhaps keep a blank, rested state of mind (parasympathetic ;)) most of the time when alone, and activate my brain to think (sympathetic) when I'm with pple or have sth handy to write down what I'm thinking abt, so I won't miss out on potentially interesting thoughts? Or better yet, don't think at all the whole day and only think in front of my comp so as to be able to blog abt sth, and have a place to record my thoughts? ^_^ Ridiculousness...

At this point in time there's some thought (related to the above stuff) that I wished to elaborate on(belabour)/talk abt(bore cum brainwash) that I can't remember anymore...which is actually quite irritating -_______- (but it's probably better for the reader lah ^_^") Enough abt such thoughts... ^_^ On a more interesting front, studying is over for the rest of the year ^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^ CELEBRATE!!! =) *big grin*


welldone: of cos...I'm a nutcase ;)

plhu: done ^_^ abit late... :p but done...


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[Thursday, November 06, 2003]

The Mugger-wannabe looked at his dusty, long neglected table, piled high with books, papers, and assorted junk cached from a hundred forays out into the greater World. With a sigh, he bent to work amidst a burgeoning dust cloud.


Half an hourglass later, a dusty Mugger-wannabe covered with assorted junk cached from a hundred forays out into the greater World looked out at a pristine table from amongst piles of books and papers heaped around the table. With a mildly satisfied sigh, he bent to work.


Used my table to do work for the first time in around a year :P Been using my bed, floor, computer table (all with their own inherent distractions) when I'm at home all this while, so finally decided to get round to cleaning up my table and use it ^_^ Does wonders for mugging =) (tt's why I'm here blogging ^_^") I'm able to concentrate for longer periods and actually not get distracted by looking at my TV/comp/door...celebrate! ^_^

First time I feel like blogging in a long while...Not cos of a lack of sth interesting to blog abt but rather cos I just didn't feel like it nor really could have afforded the time to...been feeling the constant urge to buck up and mug properly for the last 2 wks ^_^" (With little success, I might add) Well...I may have missed out interesting bloggable stuff but today's entry rather aptly sums up life recently as mugging. o_O (Or at least, a daily attempt to mug [stress attempt ;)])


3 new links, N-de, Raymond, and Zhen Lin :) and aims for Nov...not much change since obviously very few were accomplished since last month ^_^"

Hmm oh and this:


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