[Monday, December 22, 2003]

5 things for the night

1) I'm sick of my cooking (if you can call it that)... o_O lucky my parents are back tmr/Xmas dinner w OG is tmr
2) Gunbound isn't working...ARGH...irritating.
3) I skipped the revision lecture today cos I overslept z________z
4) Looking at Yuyi's photos of Spain and Portugal now...very nice. Hehe yet another place to visit someday...if that someday will ever come
5) Suffering Gunbound withdrawal symptoms o_O


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[Friday, December 19, 2003]

Yay! Just watched Lord of the Rings: Return of the King today and it is without a doubt the best movie I've watched this year ^_^_^_^_^_^_^ My only possible complaint is that the purist in me protests against the many small areas the theatrical tribute fails to adhere to the original tale and omits others. (I'm hoping they'll be in the extended version) But nonetheless, the sheer breathtaking cinematography, graphical detail, superb music and magical quality sweeps me away =) I very nearly cried at several points in the show; no, it's no tender and heartwarming show, heart-rending tearjerker, or humorous to bring tears to my eyes, but yet has the ability to fill my eyes. (nearly) I know not how to describe exactly why, except because it is simply, or rather not so simply, the Lord of the Rings =) I guess the main reason it's so powerfully stirring and enduring over the years is that it's at heart a tale about the steadfastness of courage, hope, and love in the face of unending adversity and seemingly insurmountable odds; not forgetting tt it's a nice tale of "and so they lived, happily ever after." Would hardly be as well loved if despite their valiance they had failed to turn back the darkness, after all...pple don't connect as much to reading abt failure ^_^ Add to it a well crafted story and grace of phrasing nearly beyond compare, and you get Lord of the Rings :) I think the film version retains much of the allure of what's essentially the Lord of the Rings, dramatised as it is...and I'm very much content with it =) Haha I must visit New Zealand someday and walk the lands where they filmed the show and immerse myself if only for a little while in the lingering image of this world's vision of Middle-Earth...

Oh yeah the most exciting parts of the show are the battle scenes after all... ^_^ The foolishness of war and death may not be alluring, but the adrenaline-pumping action looks damn good and as arresting is the moving premise behind it (I mean the themes of courage and hope...to fight for more than one's personal selfish desires, [well selfishness does come into it, u also fight to preserve your own life, of course] to defend, rather than conquer, and remaining unfaltering when all chances of victory/survival seem to have despaired) Haha somehow for both the Two Towers and Return of the King I think the charge of the Rohirrim is the best battle scene...grand, for a good cause (so far as good causes for war are defined) and somehow sad too...you know u're going to kill someone, and probably be killed in return... The last battle in the book/show (avoiding spoiler for those who havent watched/read it b4) comes under that category too.

Haha...I think for me the Lord of the Rings (kinda think of all 3 movies as 1 single work, as the book) is the best movie I've ever watched in my short 19+ years =) Will watch it more than once... :->


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[Tuesday, December 16, 2003]

Arrrgghh...my com crashed just as I was about to save the previous entry and went into a state of shock for 4 resets -___- Grin I guess there's more than one way to lose ur entries besides to Blogger...

anyway this is how it roughly went:

Good morning world :) Haha haven't been fully awake this early in more than a week ^_^ And now that I'm awake I find I'd rather still be asleep z_z Still I know it's healthier to wake up earlier than late...

Going Body Worlds later at last ^_^ It's NOT a sign that I'm going to start mugging anytime soon tho...unlike some pple I could name...*cough* ;) My mum keeps telling me to start mugging soon but I just grin at her and tell her I will after I pack my room and stuff...and my room is yet unpacked ^_^" Been feeling rather apathetic and sian this past wk, so still have alot left undone - room left unpacked, blog and blogskin not updated, lib books not returned (nearly overdue), piano/harmoc unplayed, even games I set out to complete yet uncompleted... (now that's difficult ^_~) and the list of things needing to be done goes on... ^_^" Haha dun ask me what I've been doing for the last wk, cos I can't really say apart from "huh? slacking only...dunno." o_O

K...time to get off my lazy ass and do something =)

Hmm highlight of the morning: listening to Class 95's Morning Express show...the humorous, comfortable crap really helps perk you up in the morning =)

And at this point I SAVE my entry =p

you are aqua

Your dominant hues are green and blue. You're smart and you know it, and want to use your power to help people and relate to others. Even though you tend to battle with yourself, you solve other people's conflicts well.

Your saturation level is very high - you are all about getting things done. The world may think you work too hard but you have a lot to show for it, and it keeps you going. You shouldn't be afraid to lead people, because if you're doing it, it'll be done right.

Your outlook on life is very bright. You are sunny and optimistic about life and others find it very encouraging, but remember to tone it down if you sense irritation.
the spacefem.com html color quiz

hmm got turquoise just now...which doesn't sound as garang :P a lower saturation level and slightly less bright outlook.


eN!L: U mean the green coloured book with the parody version?

rayzor: Yup...haha u know him?


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[Wednesday, December 10, 2003]

Grin just wanted to post this up b4 I forget. Courtesy of Yiren:

Lord of the Rings for Bengs

So the new Lord of the Rings movie is coming out, and you want to impress some Ah Lian you're trying to buaya by being able to explain the whole complicated plot with all the funny sounding names and words. You want to seem like you've actually read all 3 books, but, damn suay, even The New Paper is too "cheem" for you. Neh'mine! Dun scared! Here is our easy to understand guide to J.R.R. Tolkien's trilogy, written specially in the conversational style of Ah Bengs, so you can memorize:


Last time got this short-short person with si-beh hairy legs called Bilbo, lor. He, hor, got this ring that last time belong to some monster.

But then, hor, one day suay-suay the monster want it back, and send his kah kiah to Bilbo's house to settle, lah.

But the ring, hor, acherly can make people very powderful. But then, hor, if you wear too long will also kena sai. Si beh hiong one, so better faster go and destroy it, lor.

So Bilbo's nephew Frodo, aiyah, dun ask me why their name all so funny, can or not? You ask me, I ask who?

Anyway, Frodo and some peng yew kena arrow to go and destroy the ring.

But donno why also, they must do it in the monster's home, which is at the end of New Zealand there.

So they walk and walk and walk across New Zealand, lah. And then along the way, got monster chase them, got people want to hoot them, some of them dieded, all sorts of thing, lah.

At the end, Frodo and Sam, his pooi-pooi friend who I think so is a bit ah quah, got separated from the rest.


Frodo and Sam meet up with this thing called Gollum, who look like he take too much Slim 10 like that.

At the same time, hor, the other friends get into some powderful hooting session, where, wah lau eh, even the trees can do gongfu one. They all fight over what, I also donno, but quite kan cheong, lah.


In the end, Frodo and his peng yew all win leow, lah. Arbuthen?

- This condensed version of J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings trilogy was brought to you courtesy of the Coxford Singlish Dictionary. -


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[Sunday, December 07, 2003]

Zzzzzzz. Should have posted this and slept much earlier but got distracted by Warcraft... =p

Just came back from watching Love, Actually...with my parents. Was originally going to spend the day relaxing at home, but Todd called and we ended up agreeing go catch some other show and talk crap...but that )#&*$*(#$# found last minute tt he really needed to slp Z_Z so I joined my parents for dinner and we ended up watching Love, Actually...from the first row ^_^" It's a Great Show, Actually...right up there with The Pianist and Pirates of the Carribbean as the best movies I've watched this year. Despite the fact that you go into the movie knowing what you'll see, and you can expect what's coming next most of the time, I think it's a remarkably charming show =) The characters are mostly endearing and interesting (the rest are perhaps just interesting) with believable fairy-tale stories (e.g. guy meets girl, girl doesn't notice him, guy does all sorts of things, etc, or guy goes on holiday to the countryside, meets nice girl, etc, or sparks fly when a guy who just got promoted [wont spoil the show, but it's a really big promotion ^_~] meets a nice girl working for his new position, tries to avoid her, but fails) Kind of clich├ęd but hey I like such stories... :) The common thread linking all the many separate story lines is tt they all occur around Christmas, and the characters are deftly interlinked with each other - for e.g. the above mentioned promoted guy's sister/husband is in another storyline, two of the husband's employees (male/female) are involved in another, the promoted guy's girl is involved in sth at the school where the sister's children study, and a father/son studying at the same school are involved in yet another storyline...nicely convoluted, yet simple in its execution and story telling that somehow draws you in and gets you involved in the stories ^_^ There may not be a single main driving plot, but I think what the disparate stories abt life are driving at will suffice =) Pretty good lines too, making it a romantic comedy of sorts...you smile as much at the many jokes as at watching love unfold in its different ways =) Heh Rowan Atkinson makes a guest appearance as an "extra" character to boot... A rather cute line by the son mentioned above: (profanity warning, though it may be too late anyway ^_^) "Let's go get the shit kicked out of us by love!" a kinda innocent view of couple love, no? ^_~ (though of cos it's a happy ending... ;)) Hey it's a heartwarming show in many ways...all kinds of love can be observed throughout the show; love between friends, love in a family, love that won't work out, illicit love, and the usual love between couples of course... Grin...kind of reminded me that though I may not have that someone special yet to share such love movies with it's ok...it's perfectly enjoyable to watch as long as it's with pple you love, e.g. your parents, friends (well a little dodgy here... ^_^") =) After all, Love, Actually, is all around us... as the opening and ending aptly demonstrate :) Bottomline: It's an excellent Christmas show to catch...Mushy, gushy, emotional, heartwarming, celebratory, happy ending, and Christmas theme too...go watch it! *big grin*

Interesting fact: Keira Knightly from PotC is in Love, Actually too...looking even more chio ^_^



jiat: Hmm I'm not referring to private personal things u keep to urself or things that should be unsaid...I mean the things that can be said and u want to say but you just end up not mentioning/recording them down...

eN!L: Haha I think it'd be cool =) Might even help pple to think carefully before they do things instead of doing them and forgetting afterwards to thus, in a way, absolve themselves...

zhenlin: Yup I agree...haha but dun worry it only happens sometimes =) Thankfully for e.g. not tonight... ;)


I've discovered an excellent method to help my blogging btw...briefly write down in points what I can remember of what I want to say before I begin so I won't forget halfway or lose track/motivation ^_^


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