[Sunday, June 13, 2004]

Haha probably just got retribution for all the times I ever said anything bad to anyone just cos I was in a temper (I hope tt's all the retribution to come tho I probably still have a good bit more stored up somewhere waiting to strike me one day huh ^_^") Literally have a sour taste in my mouth (half cos I didn't leave my comp to drink any water, etc. for 2 hrs) after listening to 2 of my old friends vent separately... It isn't very fun to have mud slung in your face cos u're in the middle trying to mediate the situation...heh but I'm surprised at how I took it considering I'd probably have erupted back at them in the past after half of it ^_^"" I'm surprised I only got mildly upset after 2 hrs of it...esp since I thought I've been rather irritable recently o_O Haha it was a little eerie/ironic too since one of my aunts just told me (in Chinese) at my cousin's wedding on Tuesday that if there's one thing she learned through all the years of her life, it's "ren3" (endure); and also cos I just read that if there's one thing to be learnt in life, it's "what can be endured, must be endured" (tho I suppose what "can be endured" varies according to how firm ur grip on ur temper is) in a novel yesterday night. The things pple can reveal to each other/say to each other sometimes when they're distracted by emotion are...surprising...to say the least... I guess still waters run very deep. Whatever; tho I'm glad at least the waters aren't so murky anymore - at least some fairly important things got communicated through to both sides...

Is it better to attempt to reason with someone when they dun want to be reasoned with or to nod sympathetically? I always thought that reason was the answer and tt nodding sympathetically without addressing the problem wouldn't ultimately help the matter if there was sth to be solved. Strange how changing tack made the horse arrive at the finishing line instead... (Thanks for the suggestion PL) Haha sometimes with friends u get more than enough trouble anyone ever needs...what do u need enemies for? :P

Sian Portugal just lost 2-0 to Greece.

Haven't replied to comments in a while...sorry guys/girls not in the mood tonight. Will try to b4 I leave =)


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